Gathering for Sunday worship is about much more than just singing a few songs and hearing a sermon. It is a time for us to come together to praise the Risen Christ, be taught by the Holy Spirit and testify to what God is doing in and around our community. Through prayer, song and scripture, we set our hearts on God and His mission for us as a Christian community. 


Meeting together in small group bible studies, or Home Groups, throughout the week gives us an intimate setting to get to know God's Word and each other better. We can share our struggles and our joys. We can learn from the different perspectives and worldviews offered by others in the group. And we can pray diligently for the work of God through our church and in each others' lives.


We love coming together around the teapot or a dinner table for fellowship with other believers. Whether cleaning the church, serving in the local area, eating a meal or gathering for a social event, we are encouraged by meeting and sharing our lives with each other. We believe that God reveals Himself to us through the Holy Spirit and each other, whenever we come together.